Wealth Alert Staff Mar 13, 2014

People are viewing the end of stimulus as a sunset. “My, what a wonderful day we’ve had,” they say. What they should be doing is investing for tomorrow’s dawn – the turmoil we’re seeing now as part of Yellen’s arrival …
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  • Markets Down 350 – Is It Justified??!!

    Keith rejoins Varney & Co. this morning at a time when major indices are selling off hard following, developments in Saudi Arabia and comments from Secretary Mnuchin. It's totally unjustified given earnings but, as Keith points out, the markets are an irrational place. Uncertainty can come from any number of places with unintended results - including the computerization driving 80%+ of... Continue Reading

  • Keith’s Take: Where We’re Going, Tesla, Facebook, Budget Cuts

    At the sounding of the opening bell this morning, Keith makes an appearance on Varney & Co., answering the biggest questions on investors' minds - where the markets could be going from here and into 2019, the one word that describes Tesla Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA)'s bad publicity, Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB)'s data problems, and what could make President Trump's imposed 5% budget cuts good for... Continue Reading