Here’s Why Trading During the Day Won’t Make You the Money You Want

Wealth Alert Staff Apr 10, 2019

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to get ahead in corporate America.

Chances are, no matter how hard you work, the potential rewards don’t come close to being worth the effort if you’re limiting yourself to the path everyone else is taking.

Most Americans don’t know that there is a way to utilize your spare time for the chance to increase your “income.”

In fact, one former Wall Street stockbroker made a fortune from working outside of the nine-to-five, strategically spending 15 minutes every day to grow his wealth.

Here’s how you could make your own fortune by working your spare time better than you ever have before…

Time Is Money, But You’re Not Getting Paid

If you want to live well and retire rich, you’ve probably worked some late nights.

Sure, there are dozens of self-made millionaires out there who climbed Corporate America’s ladder by working many more hours than their peers. Entrepreneur and The New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone built his multimillion-dollar fortune by putting in those extra hours.

“Most people work 9-to-5. I work 95 hours [per week]. If you ever want to be a millionaire, you need to stop doing the 9-to-5 and start doing 95,” he told CNBC in 2017.

Luckily, working 14-hour days seven days a week is not the only way to see results. Plenty of people pocket higher wages or salaries just based on when they work.

Employers aren’t legally required to offer extra compensation for the employees who work non-traditional hours, but they do anyway. ZipRecruiter reported that federal employees with salaries paid by the government get a percentage boost if their work regularly falls between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

For example, a shift that goes from 3:00 p.m. to midnight would earn them 7.5% on top of their base pay, and a shift that goes from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. would net them an extra 10%.

But say you don’t want to upend your life and the lives of your loved ones just for a potential pay boost. The solution many Americans then resort to is to work harder, longer hours to grab the attention of their employers in the hopes of a promotion.

CNNMoney did some research into American society’s work ethic and found that Americans have a longer workweek than their counterparts in other large global economies.

“Nearly four in 10 workers report logging 50-plus hours on the job. Americans also receive fewer vacation days than their peers elsewhere – and they don’t even take all the time they are given,” Chris Isadore and Tami Luhby of CNNMoney went on to report.

There’s a good chance you are working harder to get rewarded less.

While some people aren’t willing to work the night shifts, the odd hours, or put in the extra work, the ones who do can get burnt out quickly.

Honestly, that’s because the rewards of those extra hours worked aren’t immediately seen. In a traditional work environment, it could take months of working long hours before your boss even notices.

There’s a better solution. Time is money, and you should spend it wisely.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

There’s no point in breaking your back doing work that will have little impact on your bottom line if there is a more lucrative solution.

That’s the idea that has built Chris Johnson his empire. As one of the top 2% of more than 10,000 American investing experts, he’s a highly demanded talking head and source for CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Part of how he became an expert on making money in Wall Street is by working non-traditional hours.

“For three decades I mastered Wall Street’s game. And between the opening and closing bell, I was an unstoppable force. I accumulated enough wealth to comfortably put me in the top 1%. But I was tired of playing by their rules,” said Johnson.

That’s when he developed his strategy for using odd hours to his advantage.

And using his insanely powerful Infrared Index, he was able to close 23 winning recommendations in a row. That includes partial and whole closeouts of 100%, 102.74%, 68.79%, and more.

It takes less than 15 minutes every day to use this strategy, and he’s showing people right now how he does it. You can click here to learn more about Chris Johnson’s strategy.

But don’t waste time, because Chris Johnson won’t be sharing this information much longer.

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